Submission Possible Series


The Submission Possible Series...

is so much more than just a course on writing a book. It is idea generating, creativity unleashing, marketing and branding, story designing, magical revising program—all to prepare you to realize your dream of publishing that book in the most successful way possible.
  • Course 1 – Rewiring Your Brain for Winning ($295 Value)
  • ​Course 2 - Writing for Marketability ($295 Value)
  • ​Course 3 - The Secret Science of Storytelling ($295 Value)
  • ​Course 4 - The Deeper Story ($295 Value)
  • ​Course 5 - Shameless Self Promotion ($295 Value)
  • ​Course 6 - The Magic Happens in Revision ($295 Value)
  • ​Course 7 - Pitch Craft ($295 Value)
  • ​Course 8 - Publishing Pathways ($295 Value)


  • BONUS #1 - Weekly Q&A Training with Angie ($500 Value)
  • BONUS #2 - Exclusive Facebook Support Group ($500 Value)
  • BONUS #3 - Free Author Platform Review ($500 Value)
    to the Calliope Advanced Pitch Conference and the Calliope Inner Circle group coaching program


A detailed look at everything you will learn...
Writing a book is only the beginning of what it takes to fulfill your dream of becoming a successful published author. The Submission Possible Series is a comprehensive, all-encompassing program that will train you in everything you need for success.
8 individual courses, each with multiple modules with videos and printable PDF files to support your learning.
— PLUS —
You will be added to The CALLIOPE Writing Coach – Submission Possible Series Facebook group where you’ll find support from other Calliope Writers and highly-trained Calliope Coaches. 
You will also have exclusive access to Angie who will answer your questions each week in a Facebook LIVE Q&A session.

Course 1

Rewiring Your Brain for Winning

  • Taking the Lid Off
  • ​Surviving and Belonging
  • ​The Power of Context
  • ​Belief is More Powerful Than Fact
  • ​Creating a New Context
  • ​Calling Your Dreams into Reality
  • ​Designing Your Creative Process

Course 2

Writing for Marketability

  • Knowing the Industry Standards
  • ​Rules to Follow and Rules to Break
  • ​Know Your Genre
  • ​Taking Your Passengers for a Ride
  • Friendly Competition
  • Word Count Counts
  • Blueprinting Your Story

Course 3

The Secret Science of Storytelling

  • The CALLIOPE Method
  • ​The Basic Ingredients
  • ​Recipe for the Rollercoaster
  • ​Sugar & Spice
  • ​Oak Leaf Story Design
  • ​The Double Helix

Course 4

The Deeper Story

  • ​Character Roles & Functions
  • ​Setting the Stage
  • ​Speak Easy
  • The Devil in the Details
  • Pitfalls and Staying Empowered
  • Knocking Out the First Draft

Course 5

Shameless Self-Promotion

  • The CALLIOPE Umbrella Branding Method
  • ​The Purpose Pentagon
  • ​The Avatar
  • ​Defining Success
  • ​Your Author Platform
  • ​Frosting and Sprinkles
  • ​Websites with WOW Factor
  • ​Wag the Dog
  • ​Teach a Man to Fish

Course 6

The Magic Happens in Revision

  • Layers of Revision
  • The CALLIOPE Method for Revising
  • ​Diagnosing a False Start
  • ​Crayon Box
  • ​Walking the Dog
  • Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot
  • ​Manhole Words
  • ​Houston, We Have a Problem
  • ​Alpha-Beta

Course 7

Pitch Craft

  • The Holy Grail
  • ​The Art of the Pitch
  • ​The One-Liner
  • ​The Elevator Pitch
  • ​The 3-Minute Pitch
  • ​Impeccable Presentation

Course 8

Publishing Pathways

  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  • Traditional Publishing
  • Hybrid Publishing
  • ​Self-Publishing
  • Flipping: The All-In Poker Bet
  • The Right Publishing Vehicle for You


Here’s What People Are Saying:
100% Money Back Guarantee

While we can't promise you a publishing deal, we can promise that you will find access to everything you need to write a compelling and marketable project, the essentials in author branding and marketing so that you can be appealing to gatekeepers, and you'll have access to tools to keep you empowered through the process.
That said, if you do the courses, do the work, and you bring coachability to the program, and you aren't satisfied, we'll happily return your tuition.
What Are You Waiting For?
This offer will not last.
It's never going to get easier. You're never going to find more time. Have you ever noticed that when you tell yourself that you'll do something later, down the road, when everything aligns, that thing you want to do, that thing that matters to you gets put aside? You tell yourself that you'll do it tomorrow. You'll do it when you can afford it. You'll do it when the little one is in school. You'll do it when finances are better. You'll do it when the world's not burning down. And that thing keeps slipping further away.
If you even have just an idea that you might have an idea for a book, a blog, a screenplay...or even just an idea that you want to write, you want to know that every story is viable. Whether it's compelling or marketable is all about how you tell it. Or, if you've been trying to figure out how to finish that manuscript, or you can't get past the publishing gatekeepers...then there are no more excuses. Everything you need to learn to finally write that project and sign with top literary agents, publishers, and film producers is here and available in The Submission Possible Series.