CALLIOPE Inner Circle Program

$3,500.00 $3,000.00

• The CRUCIBLE Advanced Pitch Conference
• Three 30-Minute Private Power Coaching Sessions
• Coaching Sessions on the Elements of Success
• Coaching Sessions on the Craft of Writing
• Bonus Group Empowerment Sessions to Keep You on Track



We’ll look at the brain science behind your disempowering experiences of being a writer and we’ll train you to circumnavigate your wiring so that you can find success as an author.

The CRUCIBLE Advanced Pitch Conference is a 2-day course where you design your pitch and then deliver it to top literary agents. This isn’t your ordinary pitch conference. We are at 100% success for requests for pages from the participants in this course. Most of our students receive multiple requests, and often for multiple projects. If you intend to publish traditionally, you must attend this course.

If you get stuck or you need some one-on-one time, you can use one of your three Private Power Sessions to work privately with me or one of our highly-trained coaches to work out the kinks. You may not ever need a private check-in, but if you do, you can pull out your get-out-of-disempowerment free card.

We also have regular online group empowerment sessions. You know how three minutes of disempowerment can quickly turn into three years of that project getting stashed in the cupboard? This is the remedy. We’ll bring the empowerment. What you must bring is the action.

We’ll also introduce you to some powerful tools that allow you to do the impossible: layered accountability. You will belong to a group within the group. The most important thing to know about layered accountability is that your group and our coaches will have your back. We’ll also incorporate brain hacks that allow you to get that project done, even when writing is the last thing you want to do.

It was a literary agent who passed me the note in the photo below at one of our
courses. The CALLIOPE Inner Circle is designed so that EVERY participant wins.


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