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Do you have an idea for a story, but you don’t know where to start? Have you been working on a project, but you are stuck? Are you finished, sending off to literary agents and publishers, and it’s crickets? Then Bestsellers & Blockbusters: How to Master the Magic is for you.

• Dismantle your barriers to success.
• Crack the code of effective storytelling.
• Learn how to harness your creativity.

This course is for novices and seasoned writers of every genre, from self-help to sci-fi/fantasy. Literary agents, acquisitions editors, and bestselling authors have attended this course, and they were surprised by how much they learned.


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Bestsellers & Blockbusters

“What science knows about the human brain and creativity is that we are all come into this world with creative genius.

It’s our birthright.

Then we went to kindergarten….

In figuring out how to belong to the
tribe and survive it at the same time, our brains learned to keep us safe. The cost is our genius. The brain is plastic. It remembers. We must do a factory reset to wake our brilliance.”


    Angie Fenimore

“What the publishing industry, the
film industry know about effective
story design is only half of the story.

Every book would be a bestseller…

…every film would be a blockbuster
if the industry professionals had it all
sorted out. They wouldn’t pour millions into projects, surprised when
they flop if they had it all dialed in.”

    Angie Fenimore

“A breath is the briefest of human
stories. The hush, that weightless
moment at the top of the breath, that’s a turning point, a plot twist.

It’s not a coincidence that you hold
your breath at critical junctures
in story…

You are made up of millions
of double-helixes.

A lifetime is billions of breaths,
billions of stories within your story.”


      Angie Fenimore


“What’s the difference between
someone who has no choice
and someone who has all the choice
in the world and doesn’t know it.



When you finally connect up to
all that you are, when that lightning
quickening speaks truth about who
you really are, then you are free.”


     Angie Fenimore

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Bestsellers & Blockbusters

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