“You are already a creative genius. It’s in your DNA. You’ve been a writer ever since your great-great grand-cave-parents started drawing on the wall. My job is to unleash your natural brilliance.”

International Bestselling Author, Angie Fenimore


Writing and publishing success has very little to do with talent. You are already talented. What’s missing are tools, a tribe, and the freedom to create.

How do we know? Our writers receive pages requests from top literary agents and publishers at better than 98%. That’s unheard of in the writing coaching and writers’ conferences industries.

There are literary agents who actually believe that we just attract the cream of the crop. Not so. We train and develop you in everything you need to be successful. And we train you in how to mine your own genius.

We see the same success with our novice writers as we do with our seasoned writers. What stands in the way of you and your dreams isn’t what you think it is. And we’ve dialed it in.

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Great writing advice from Angie.

January 26-28, 2023
Salt Lake City, Utah


Anyone who aspires to write can go from idea to book deal. That is what is possible with Calliope Writing Coach.

Emily Bernath - Author of Broken Lenses, Morgan James Publishing

The environment at Calliope Writing Coach is so completely supportive….if you want to write, this is the place to be.

Nina Walker - USA Today Bestselling Author of the Prism Series

Through Calliope, I am now a mature, experienced writer with a top, deal-making agent in sci-fi/fantasy. The training I received at Calliope Writing Coach has completely catapulted me to success.

Ryder Hunte Clancy - Author of Mystic Invisible, Metamorphosis Literary Agency

About Angie Fenimore

Angie Fenimore is a NYT and international bestselling author. She has landed 6-figure book deals and signed with some of the industry’s top deal-making literary agents. She is also the co-host of the award-winning Calliope Writing Coach Podcast.

Angie has appeared on hundreds of TV shows on every major network. She has presented on too many stages and interviewed on too many radio shows and podcasts to count. She’s shared the stage with greats like Tom Shadyac (film producer and director of Liar, Liar; Bruce Almightly; and I Am), Jonathan Granoff (Nobel Peace Prize Nominee), and Jane Goodall. But her superpower is coaching, serving as midwife to others who share in the intention and vision of becoming dynamic, successfully published authors. Some of Angie’s students have signed big-budget Hollywood movie deals, hit the USA Today Bestseller’s list, #1 on Amazon and Wal-Mart bestsellers’ lists, and the NYT Bestsellers’ list.