EPISODE 130 – Eating Cake with the Maverick Monk,Vishnu Swami

Vishnu Swami became the world’s youngest ‘Swami’ at age 23. He has lived, studied, and taught full time in a monastery in India since the age of 11. Vishnu has taught the 5,000-year-old spiritual wisdom of India in 20 countries and 80 cities around the world. He has spoken to crowds as large as 15,000. Vishnu was featured alongside the Pope Francis in museums and art exhibitions worldwide. He has also shared the stage with legendary teachers such as: Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Michael Beckwith, Cynthia Kersey, Berny Dohrmann, Kevin Harrington (the original Shark from Shark Tank), the entire cast of the movie “The Secret” and many more. He was also featured in an award winning Hollywood documentary and in multiple media platforms, including television, newspapers, magazines and radio Internationally. His book Eternal Dharma teaches you how to find spiritual evolution through surrender and embrace your life’s true purpose.


Vishnu can be found here:

Website: https://maverickmonk.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/themaverickmonk

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLQHl3mzG-6OJuCisf5CDmQ

Amazon: Author Page

Vishnu, thank you for a fun and insightful interview!

Love Angie & Michael




PS: Here is a picture or Angie’s tattoo that we talked about on the interview.