EPISODE 118 – The Art of Significance, Dan Clark

Dan Clark is the founder and CEO of an international high performance communication and leadership development company. With thirty-four published books under his belt, Dan is a New York Times bestselling author and a primary contributing author to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Dan has been inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame and was recently named one of the top-ten motivational speakers In the world. He has spoken for nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, Super Bowl champions, U.S. and foreign government agencies, the United Nations, and to our combat troops serving overseas.

(Whew! I need to take a breath.) Dan has appeared on over 500 television and radio shows including Oprah and Glenn Beck; and has been the feature article in Mayo Clinic Magazine, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Millionaire Magazines; and has spoken to more than 5500 audiences…so far.

And if that isn’t enough, Dan is a university professor and currently serves on the International Board of Governors of Operation Smile; has received the United States Distinguished Service Medal; was the nation’s 2016 recipient of the American Spirit Award; and in 2012, was named Utah Father of the Year.

Whew! There’s more, but you’re just going to have to listen in to get the rest of the story. And, I will add, Dan is extraordinarily charming, hilarious, and one of the most genuine people that we know. You are in for a treat.

You can join Dan’s tribe at DanClark.com

Thank you so much for an incredible and entertaining interview Dan.

Love, Angie & Michael