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Mastermind Coaching for Perfecting Your Manuscript

The Most Powerful, Effective Program to Complete Your Manuscript


The CALLIOPE Inner Circle is for writers of every genre, every skill level, and at every stage of manuscript completion. Do you want to crank out a fabulous manuscript and submission documents for literary agents to review? Then this program is for you.


In this 6-month program, we will cover everything you need to learn to produce a well-written, marketable manuscript and to present yourself as a professional author who is ready for the publishing world.


What the CALLIOPE Inner Circle provides...


  • Clear & Focused Direction
  • Access to Writing a Compelling & Marketable Book
  • Easy to Use Techniques & Tools to Elevate Your Skill Level
  • Dramatically Reduce the Time it Takes to Complete Your Manuscript
  • Expert Support in Everything You Need to Succeed as an Author
  • Peer Group Support for Sustaining Your Creativity



What You Will Master...


We will focus on producing the work. As you develop your writing skill, by actually going to work on your manuscript, we'll harness muscle memory. The best way to master is to practice.


Now, when I say "practice," what I don't mean is "on the side lines," or trying. What I mean when I say "practice" is "do," as in "practice medicine."


You will receive coaching to bring you back to center when you feel like you can't.


Rather than giving you great advice, or lectures, I'm going to put tools in your hands. My intention is that you will be left empowered and capable, that you will have reached a level of mastery by the time we complete.


What You Will Learn & Accomplish...


  • Promises for Completion
  • What, When, Where
  • Page-Turning Story Structure
  • Pounding Out the First Draft
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Walking the Dog & Other Tools
  • Word Count Counts
  • Getting Imperical Feedback
  • Blueprint Your Story
  • Chill Factor Synopsis
  • Manhole Words & Crayon Box
  • 4 Elements of Editing
  • Nailing Down Your Genre
  • Essential Platform Design
  • Irresistible Proposals
  • Traditional vs. Self-Publishing
  • Plotting for Pantsers
  • Compelling Characters
  • Creating to Create Creation
  • Revision: To See Newly
  • Packaging & Presentation
  • Shameless Self-Promotion
  • The P's & Q's of Formatting
  • Empowerment Beyond Rejection


How It Works...


We will meet via Zoom Video Conferencing. The calls will be recorded so that you can revisit a session, or you can get the replay if you miss a call.


At the beginning of the program, we will meet more often as you are getting set up and learning new tools to elevate your storytelling ability. We'll meet slightly less frequently while you are pounding out your first draft. Then as we begin revision, we'll meet often.


There will be times when the fiction and nonfiction writers will have separate sessions so we can address your specific needs.


Call days and times will be based on the group's availability and will vary from week to week. For example, we may alternate between Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The schedule will be determined by what best serves the group.


The process of getting your book to publication can be monumental. I break it down into bite-sized chunks so that you are doing the right thing at the right time, and you will avoid making newbie mistakes.


Your Program Includes...


  • The Submission Possible Online Series
  • The CRUCIBLE Advanced Pitch Conference
  • Three Private Power Coaching Sessions
  • Coaching Sessions on Everything You Need for Success


The Submission Possible Series is an on-line companion course to The SLC CALLIOPE WRITERS' CONFERENCE. We'll look at the brain science behind your dis-empowering experiences of being a writer and I'll train you to circumnavigate your wiring so that you can find success as an author.


The CRUCIBLE Advanced Pitch Conference is a 2-day course where you design your pitch and then deliver it to top literary agents. This isn't your ordinary pitch conference. We are at 100% success for requests for pages from the participants in this course. Most of our students receive multiple requests, and often for multiple projects.


If you get stuck or you need some one-on-one time, you can use one of your three Private Power Sessions to work privately with me to work out the kinks. You may not ever need a private check-in, but if you do, you can pull out your card.



The CALLIOPE Inner Circle is a powerful, effective, transformative program. There is a tuition package for every budget. If you've already paid for The Submission Possible Series or The CRUCIBLE, your tuition will be credited back to you and reflected on your invoice.


This plan allows you to structure payments that will work for you.


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This package is for you if you want to save $250 make a down payment of $1000 followed by payments.


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If you want to save $500 and pay for your coaching package in full, this plan is the one for you.


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When You Register...


I will add you to The Submission Possible Series right away so you can get started. Click the link below for your quick (and free) access to the Introduction and Session 1 of the course:


The Submission Possible Series


As my gift to you, when you register you'll begin with a bonus private coaching session to get you started!


The CALLIOPE Inner Circle begins soon. Don't forget, space is limited.


If you choose to register for the CALLIOPE Inner Circle, thank you. Hold onto your hats. We are going to soar!


I look forward to supporting you in your writing and publishing success.




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